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My wild Journal, inspiration behind the art

"Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Art for Mental Health"

Updated: Apr 16

How to deal and take care of your mental health and well-being as an artist.

Mental health for an artist is essential. We often feel alone or insecure and it is absolutely normal. But this state shouldn't last too long or it can prevent us from creating and evolving in our art.

Artists are most of the time alone. Alone in their studio or at home working and even if most people think it is a way of living, it is actually not by choice.

Here are my tips for reconnecting to your creative self and elevate your energy when you are feeling down.

  • Go out, simple being outside helps us release emotions that feel heavy on us. When you stay at home in your studio for too long it can become frustrating and heavy.

  • Look at the sky, allow yourself to do nothing.

  • Take your sketchbook outside, create plein air. Creating in plein air is so liberating. It helps reduce stress.

  • Create art with no purpose behind. As artists who sell our art, sometimes it is healing to just create for not reason or for yourself.

  • Gift your art! When I was in California, I created a few plein air paintings and I decided to let some of them where I was. I felt happy just knowing someone would take my art to their home and be happy.

Art is hopeful, Art is Joy, Art is Healing


My experience in California, a solo trip I did in 2022

When I was in California this summer, a trip I decided to do on my own. I have never felt so liberated. It was a rich experience as the artist in me and the woman in me. Trusting my wild self have always been the right path. It is part of that journey of finding balance and wellness in my artist's life.

I believe we ALL need time to be alone, to retreat, to reconnect with our true self and heart.

I found immense joy being in an environment I love deeply. California is a State that touched my heart since a long time now.

I took the time when I was there to buy some plein air art supplies and found the perfect place to me to paint. The Self Realization Fellowship Gardens of Encinitas.

What I made sure to do as well when I was there is to create for free. I selected a few of my art that I let on a few benches. It made me so happy inside to give away these paintings and that the universe will decide who find them and need them.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best on your creative journey. Remember you are never alone and if you wanna share any stories, feel free to reach me on instagram or by email.

And to everyone who encourage me, support my art journey, buy my art, and simply say to me that they love it, I just want to thank you. Because I have no shame to also say that it is part of your support that keeps me alive and continue what I love. I say a part because self love is also the reason I do it. I create art also for me. So please take care of yourself and keep shining.



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