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My wild Journal, inspiration behind the art

"Exploring Feminine Power: Embracing the Wild Woman Within"

Updated: Apr 30

She walked life's wintry miles

for soul to flame her inner fire.

- Angie Weiland Crosby

During the winter time of January, I felt a light within that pushed me to create this new wild woman painting.

It all started with a dream I had. If you are like me, when you wake up after a dream that was magical and felt like reality, you want to write it down or try to understand it. That dream was about someone bringing to me 3 horses. It felt so real! I have rarely dreamt of horses, I don't see horses where I live and so to dream about it so clearly was kind of unique.... To me, the horse is so powerful, majestic and wild. It symbolizes the freedom and strength.

a wild woman painting with a horse and falcon
"Unleashed" Oils on Canvas

In the dream, one of the three horses cames to me and got really close, I felt a connection. So I decided to take a new blank canvas and start painting. My favorite horse are the wild mustangs, when I went to Utah a few years ago I was dreaming to see them. I saw the appaloosa in a ranch I drove by, I made a stop to look at them. There were so beautiful. It has always been my dream to get close to a horse and not feel afraid.

I believe Art is a window, sending us messages and empower us to overcome our emotions.

painting the wild woman, woman painting portrait
Painting in my Art Studio

While painting my first layers which are abstract layers, in my head I started too see that woman, the small falcon and the running horses...

That's when I started to sketch her. I felt such a high energy when I painted her. I danced and listened to music loud .... it was such a special and wild moment of pure creativity...

The desire to push my limits and trust my intuition. I felt unstoppable!

I believe this beautiful painting truly reflects that magic of the wild woman unleashed.

Art and messages reveal themselves and come to us at the right time in life.

It is often during winter that I create illuminating paintings like this one. Full of live and light...Maybe because winter is always challenging and I need light.

When you reconnect to your deepest heart's desire, what drives you, makes you feel alive, you are reclaiming your self and feel powerful in everything you do. You are the fierce woman nobody can stop.

Art, like photography, creating music, singing, cooking... are many ways to find your truest path in life. If it makes you happy, it is the right path.

What this painting evokes to you? Please comment below!

This painting is available, make sure to check the Originals on my website to start collecting Original Art and maybe this one will find its way to your home?


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