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Personalized painting

Crafting a unique masterpiece exclusively for you... commissioning a painting is my way of facilitating a profound connection with yourself through art.

This artwork will mirror your essence... resonating with profound symbols that hold personal significance for you.
Whether it's a portrait of you, an abstract composition, a commission painting is an opportunity to encapsulate your individuality in art.

I absolutely love creating personalized paintings as they hold a nourishing and deeply meaningful significance for both you and me. They become timeless treasures that will remain cherished within your family for generations to come.

My Process...

Prior to starting the painting process, I like to connect with you and better understand your preferences, your spirit and energy. Subsequently, I will provide you with a document containing a few questions to fill out. It's important to note that while I adhere to my own unique style and artistic process, your input remains important.


For oil painting commissions, the pricing is based on $6 per square inch. The smallest oil painting available is sized at 18x24 inches, totaling $2,592.

To initiate the commission, I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the painting's total cost. This deposit will be deducted from the overall commission fee. In the event of cancellation, the deposit amount can be transferred towards any products listed on my website.


If you find this approach resonates with you, kindly reach out to me via the contact form, and let's begin creating your dream painting!

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