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My wild Journal, inspiration behind the art

"Channeling the Spirit of French Masters (Monet, Renoir, Cézanne...), an artist way of life"

Updated: May 6

Everyday I feel grateful and inspired to paint... why you wonder? Because I take life as a gift.

Everything around me is beautiful and I have decided to see it that way... and that was also the way the French Impressionists masters,Eugène Boudin, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne to name a few saw life...

The Nympheas at l'Orangerie, Paris. Claude Monet
Bathing into the beauty of the Nympheas, Claude Monet, l'Orangerie, Paris

They focused on the beauty, on the charm and magic of the present moment... They seized the day on their canvas. They breathed and lived life to the fullest. Even if their life was difficult back then. Poverty, challenges to sell their art... there were many reasons to stop painting or feel discouraged... but they never stopped. They kept their inner flame burning.

I invite you today to SEE AS AN ARTIST, see life through their find joy in the ever changing sky, the nature's palette, the clouds see magic in the waves be amazed by the thousands leaves of a tree dancing in the wind and the sun shining on them...

Chateau Chenonceau, France. Naima Namaste
Dancing in the wind at Château Chenonceau

And if you feel like creating art, by all means, do it! Why would you stop yourself from doing what you love or want to do? If you want to write poetry, write! If you wanna dance, dance.

Nourish your soul! As an artist, I find sustenance in nature, travel, reading, and simply sitting on a park bench. Yet, what truly delights me is visiting museums or chateaux with my sketchbook in hand.

I have been a few times to the same museums, to look up close and get lost in the painting... when I am there, I immerse myself in the art. I let my mind wander. I allow myself to feel and be in the moment.

I see everyone around me rushing to take photos and go fast from a room to another...but please, next time you visit a museum like l'Orangerie, allow yourself to pause and just seat there.

a full photo of the nympheas by Claude Monet
Nympheas, Claude Monet, L'Orangerie, Paris

Because I live in France, I realise everyday what a chance it is to be surrounded by so much art and places where these French Masters have lived, they have painted in many cities and beautiful areas from north to south... I feel inspired whenever I am visiting a château, a garden, a little village.

Art is everywhere and their spirit fill the air. I feel it and when I come back home to paint, I feel empowered. I feel like anything is possible. I imagine impressionists painter were there to remind us what living a genuine life was. Their art was authentic and pure.

Chateau Chenonceau during summer
Chateau Chenonceau, France

“The work of art must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself, carry you away. It is the means by which the artist conveys his passion; it is the current which he puts forth which sweeps you along in his passion.”

Pierre Auguste Renoir

My Process is a reflection of My way of Living

When I start painting, I take a deep breathe and I look around me, I start every painting with a wash of colors that are coming to me at the present moment. I lay on canvas my emotions and energy.

oil painting, rose by Naima Namaste
"Dawn", Songe Poétique, Oils on canvas

When I created this Red Rose painting, I was holding it in my hand. I was looking at its perfection, its petals, the softness of it... I acknowledged everything that this rose made me feel. I felt peace, calm, I felt strenght and power... I felt confidence.

Art is for me a way to transmit to you this energy and hopefully it will inspire you to live a life filled with magic and poetry.

Tell me which masters is your favorite and why? I am curious to know!


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