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My wild Journal, inspiration behind the art

"Spark Your Imagination: The 100 Paintings challenge"

Updated: Apr 30

Every year I try to challenge myself and create 100 paintings on paper during a week.

It is the best exercise to boost your creativity and overcome artist's block... but it is also a fun way to create art from the heart!

Creating art makes you happier and healthier. You don't have to be a professional artist to do this challenge. Just motivated!

As a very anxious person, art has helped me with my mental health. So for this challenge, I don't focus on making the best art, just creating paintings and enjoying the process.

What you need for this challenge:

  • I suggest to get watercolor notebooks, usually they have 30 sheets or more (You can also just do 50 paintings or less if that challenge seems too much for you)

  • Watercolor, Acrylic paint, buy the small kits you can travel with!

  • Different brush sizes and shapes

  • If you are a fan of mixed medias, I encourage you to go wild and use any material you love!

  • Have fun! You can spend a few seconds on a painting or a few minutes, just follow your intuition!

  • The less thinking the better! The purpose is to let go.

My last 100 paintings challenge was in summer 2022, I created paintings when I was in California, you can read about it here...

And when I came back home I also kept creating. I made abstract paintings in many different sizes that later I used as Postcards or gifts for my Collectors.

It was really an amazing experience I can't wait to do again!

When I was painting, I found myself using colors I don't usually use, I made happy accidents, some paintings I wanted to do more with them and so I worked on them on other days adding details and ideas... some became inspirations for bigger projects...

I gifted a few of these paintings and it made someone happy and it made me happier too!

Don't be afraid of creating art that you won't like... and as one of my favorite painter would say:

Art is about emotion; if art needs to be explained it is no longer art. ”

- Pierre-Auguste Renoir

I wish you a beautiful, joyful creative day!

Please share this to your friends and family!



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