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My wild Journal, inspiration behind the art

"Shinrin Yoku: Embracing Nature's Healing Essence for Inspirational Discovery"

Updated: May 1

Being in a forest is probably one of my favorite activity in life. Simply observing the trees and walking in the wood provides me a lot of pleasure and inspiration for my paintings.

I have a passion and respect for those beautiful and amazing living beings.

Besides the beautiful energy they provide to us humans, I find it so interesting to look at them with a closer eye, the bark, the leaves, the fungi and basically everything because it is a true work of art.

I love Art galleries, but the Art nature offers is the essence of everything.

All artists try to transmit what they feel and see when in nature.

Photographing and journaling about my travels in nature is part of my Art process.

Simply by looking at this photo of the fungi and humus of the forest, it is magical and full of colors.

Different sizes and forms. I love to create patterns while looking at nature up close!

Forest bathing in Vancouver Island old red cedar forest

So before I go on a exploring journey in my region, I like to take note of the gardens, parks, but especially check if there are old forests.

Do you have a favorite forest? If yes, don’t hesitate to share it with me in the comments.

Forest bathing in a park near my home in south of France

About the term Forest Bathing, Shinrin Yoku, it is a tradition born in Japan. It describes the benefit of connecting to the trees and walking in the wood. Why it is essential for our well being.

"When you walk into a forest, you immediately feel a sensation of peace. Your body relaxes and at the same time each of your senses awaken.

Your eyes are wide open and amazed by the beauty of the colors, the texture of the trees…your ears are carefully listening to the sounds (music?) of the leaves, the wind, the birds, the sound of your footsteps…your nose smells the beautiful aromas that comes from the trees…

well I think for a second you might have been back in your favorite forest in your mind?"

In many of my art, you will always notice water, trees, you know why.

"rise" oil painting

I hope you find inner peace in nature today and that it will inspire you to create!



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