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The artist

"Painting is like a voyage to me: I dive into these memories of all my explorations of the visible world and invisible world.

When traveling, I find it really special to be in the wilderness.

I let my body connect with my surrounding and absorb through all my senses Nature's gift."


"Art is healing and magical.
For the one creating it and for the one receiving it.

There is a connection and share of energies that I love.

It's pure, it's authentic and raw."



I know each painting I create belongs to someone and that it will find its way at the right time. 

When I paint, I am wild and free in each brushstrokes I lay,
I experience such a bliss just like when I'm at the end of a trail, or at the top of a mountain..."

Find Your Wild, Finland

inner child.

Naïma was born in Normandie. A region dear to her, filled with memories and dreams where she spent most of her time alone in nature.

It is also a place charged with the energy of all the
Artists, old Masters whom where there before her, creating and pursing their passions.

"Exploring the world bring us back to our inner child, it innates creativity, joy and lead to live a vibrant life in the inner and outer world. "

At the age of 12, she visited the house of Claude Monet, Paris, le Louvre and new doors opened, inspiring her and bringing back that creative force.


She knew she wanted to be an artist.

Photo description: Observing the wild wolves and bears in east Finland.

Naima Namaste Fine Art

The Wild woman

"Growing up, that dream of being a professional artist never left me...while I was exploring life through voyages, writing...becoming a painter was my ultimate goal and it took me many years to achieve the skill and most of all the courage to share my He(art). From age to 20 to this present time (I am 40), I have traveled a lot, to places I was wildly attracted to.

Discovering old forest, mountains, where my eyes and all my senses could meet with the wilderness. The ecstatic feelings it provided me deep down, I wanted to translate it into art. ​​I found myself at home while being in nature, watching the wolves and the bears in the wild.

The wild woman is following her instinct, she doesn't ask for permission. She is fully herself and proud. That is the message I wanna transmit, to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and reconnect to their genuine and wild self.

As of today she lives in south west of France, not too far from the ocean painting everyday.

She still loves to travel and has been painting in her favorite places such as the SRF Meditation gardens in Encinitas California, Canada, Spain...

Some of her art is exposed in Vancouver Island.


"Traveling to catch a glimpse of the wild and transmit it into my art, is part of my endless journey of self discovery. I believe it is in the wilderness that we find ourselves and go back to who we truly are".


"A passion for observing
An obsession for truths and origins
Leads us back to wolves and wilderness...where it all begins."

Dick Dekker

Find Your wild, Naima Namaste Fine Art

For our planet

I am very sensitive to the environnement and when I started oil painting, my first concern what the products I was going to use. I wanted to find paints and solvent that are not harmful for the biodiversity. And I was happy to find these amazing and high quality brands:

Gamblin Solvent-Free Artists Colors Painting

Gamblin Linseed and Safflower Oils

Eco House Citrus solvent

Eco House Damar Varnish 100% naturel

Zest-It solvent and cold wax

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