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Her Story

Naïma is a French artist living in the South West of France. Her art is filled with romanticism, symbolisms and poetry.


She loves to paint the sensations we experience in nature and so she specialized in portraits, abstract and realism, still life and impressionism. She often infuses her art with French poetry, natural elements like leaves, flowers she harvests in French gardens.


Her influences come from artists such as Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Baudelaire, Dali, Claude Monet but also pre-raphaelites painters John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. She is also fond of dutch artists for their floral still life paintings.

She nourishes her soul by spending time in France's beautiful museums, chateaux and gardens. Her passions for being outdoor, learning and observing nature and wildlife are an endless source of inspiration as well.


A traveler at heart, she loves to experience wild encounters, especially wolves, her spirit animal. These experiences make her feel alive and enriched her art with real meaning, conveying a genuine expression of what it feels like to be in symbiosis with nature and oneself. 


Her art is feminine and poetic, encouraging viewers to always trust their heart and reconnect with their true, wild self.

"Reconnecting to your Feminine Energy brings you back to your inner child, it inmates creativity,
joy and lead to live a vibrant life in the inner and outer world. "


At the age of 12, she visited Claude Monet's home, museums and gardens near Paris, it opening her heart to Art.
She dreamt to become an artist...Growing up, she never stopped exploring different ways of expressing her creativity before she allowed herself to become a painter.

"We do not all have the same opportunity to access education and do what we love... I had to do a lot of jobs I didn't liked before I could make those dreams come true. In my home, women were not free. I felt insecure, I lacked self confidence, I felt unseen and I had to face a lot of traumas. It is only at age 38 that I decided to give myself a chance to become the woman I dreamt to be for so long."

After high school, she learnt graphic design on her own and decided to start her own business, but yet she didn't felt fulfilled. She was still holding inside her wild creativity. She then explored her roots and went back to henna art; Fond of gemstones and rocks, she decided to create jewelry and started to sell on etsy, she felt more in tune with herself...All these experiences helped her believe more and more in herself until the day she finally allowed herself to rise.


In 2017, she met a amazing and brave woman while on holiday in California who pushed her to go back to paint. She felt empowered by this woman who believed in her. The day she came back home, she bought art supplies and started to paint. 

"I often say I was like a lotus flower, finally opening from the dark, after all these years of searching myself... I had it all inside of me, I was just not letting myself bloom."


At age 38, she took a portfolio class and oil painting classes that led her to finally find her voice and become the person she always wanted to be. Everyday since that day, she paints and continue to develop her style. Inspiring other women to find their voice, pursue their dreams and reconnect to their heart's desires. Her art is filled with hope, joy, passion and healing energy. 

When she is not in her studio painting, Naïma is traveling, learning and exploring always. Nature will always be where she recharges her soul. She loves to write in her "wild journal" her inspirations, experiences.

All nature deserves to be protected and respected. Every year Naïma donates to organisations that protect wildlife and nature. When you purchase art from her, you also contribute to these causes.

Become a Collector today, gift yourself a painting that will illuminate your space and inspire you everyday.

Find Your wild, Naima Namaste Fine Art

For our planet

I am very sensitive to the environnement and when I started oil painting, my first concern what the products I was going to use. I wanted to find paints and solvent that are not harmful for the biodiversity. And I was happy to find these amazing and high quality brands:

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