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My wild Journal, inspiration behind the art

"Embracing the Late Bloom: How to Achieve Your Dreams on Your Own Timeline"

Updated: Apr 30

One of my favorite subject to paint is wild flowers and resting animals. I think that comes from when I was a child, I adored spending time in meadows, I used to just lay down on the grass and look up at the blue sky, watching the clouds move away...

Wildflowers all around me dancing in the wind...I was daydreaming of adventures and everything I dreamt to do when I will be a grown up.

I envied the life of the wild animals, birds, foxes and even the crickets... there were all free to roam and sleep, rest when they wanted. I just marveled upon the beauty of the wild and it stayed with me ever since.

Growning up, my life went very differently from the one I was dreaming of, I could not become the artist I dreamt to be because I found myself not being good enough at sketching, I just believed that and it stayed in my heart for a long time, later during my high school years, I wished I could go to an art school, but that too became impossible due to finances.

What happened is that , I found a way to stay creative and do what I loved. That's how I started to learn photography on my own, editing photos with photoshop, creating websites... I believe when you keep that flame alive inside of you, and when you keep trusting yourself, one day it will be possible, it does happen. It just takes more time than for others.

a sketch, painting of a wolf in pink and warm color

To be honest, it was hard to see the students going to art school knowing it would never be me.

But at the same time, adapting myself like a wild animal does in nature, learning on my own, it taught me so much more about myself. I believe it was meant to be and it made me who I am today.

Imagine, when you do not go to school, you get to learn things more intuitively, you get to develop so much on your own, you are creating yourself fully and becoming the most genuine version of yourself.

I truly believe today it was the best path to follow.

I became a painter at age 38, and I started to paint what I found beautiful and most of all my own truth, version of the world. I started to fully believe in myself and trust each brushstrokes. I found myself at peace and in tune with my self. And this has no price, no matter how old or young you are.

Late Bloom is one of the painting I created that really expresses this feeling of becoming and blossoming at your own pace. It represents a wild flower bouquet so vibrant and alive next to an adorable fox resting with a bunny.

This oil painting is a mixed medias art that contains French poetry, a beautiful textures and vibrant colors. It will illuminate and inspire you daily.

Thank you for reading



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