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Wild woman, Divine Femine Art

Why I create


Transmitting through art emotions, connecting with beautiful souls and nature's spirit is transcending to me.  At a young age I realized the power of art and it became my escape, my way to explore another world and to connect on a deeper level with myself. It gave me comfort, love and a high energy that made me realize this world was limitless, beautiful ... anything was possible no matter how difficult my life was.

I love to paint Nature's poetry and its wild expression. combining wild animals most of the time resting and wild plants, flowers together. I feel it conveys softness and tenderness and it reconnects us to our genuine and wild self.

The "wild woman" archetype is an important theme I love to explore and transmit, I paint to inspire other women  and men to become who they want to be, to reappropriate their life, their womb, their spirit, their body. 


The past 11 years I have traveled a lot to catch a glimpse of wild wolves. I have a connection I cannot explain with them, learning about them, the way they live, taught me a lot as a human. Animals are guides and I want to remind you that we are all One. 

If you would like to collect any of these original paintings, want more informations, please email me at or contact me through instagram @naimanamaste


You can also send me a message using the contact page.

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"Like the wolves, women are free, strong, fierce, gentle, caring and loving. They are both wild and soft. The wild feminine is awakened and reborn. " Naïma

We are Wild, divine feminine

Les illuminations, sacred wild