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Transmitting through art emotions and connecting with human's heart, soul and nature's spirit is transcending to me.  At a young age I realized that power in my lonely time; art was my escape, my way to explore another world and to connect on a deep level with myself. It gave me comfort, love and a high, powerful energy that made me realize this world was limitless, beautiful and that anything was possible no matter how difficult my life was.

I wanted so much to share my art but I felt unworthy, I felt unseen, not talented enough and all kind of negative feelings were going through me because of traumas when I was young. Even though I went through many hardships, it never stopped me from creating. Loneliness made me more curious and stronger.

Growing up, that dream of being a true artist never left me...while I was exploring life through voyages, writing, sharing with my penpals...Being a painter was my ultimate goal and it took me many years to achieve the skill and most of all the courage to share my He(art). 


From age to 20 to this present time (I am 40), I have traveled a lot, to places I was intuitively attracted. Going to wild places, forest, mountains, where my eyes and all my senses could meet with the wilderness. The ecstatic feelings it provided me deep down, I wanted to translate it into art. ​​I found myself at home while being in nature, watching the wild wolves in the rockies or in Finland, walking with humility among the oldest trees on Earth, breathing their energy... I discovered that it was more than being in the wild that I enjoyed: It was that freedom and feeling of belonging going through my veins.

And these feelings, I experience also when I am simply doing what I love, without anyone telling anything, if I can do it or not. It is reconnecting with animals, plants and Mother Earth and to who I truly am. A rebirth.

I love to paint women and wildlife because it symbolizes going back to our roots to me, freedom of being we who want to be. I love to paint nature, flowers mixed with poetry, because It reflects beautiful sensitive feelings we all experience as humans and animals. I have so many passions, since a child, I was told to choose just one path. But I refused it. I led my life my own way, my own rules. For too long I was in prison at home; not allowed to do so many things. 

The "wild woman" archetype is a theme I love to explore and transmit, I paint to inspire other women to become who they want to be, to reappropriate their life, their womb, their spirit, their body. The past 11 years I have traveled to catch a glimpse of wild wolves, I have a connection I cannot explain with them, learning about them, the way they live, taught me a lot as a human. Animals are guides and I want to remind you that we are all One.

If you would like to collect any of these original paintings, want more informations, please email me at or contact me through instagram @naimanamaste


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