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Howling for Takaya, lone wolf

Updated: May 24

In March 2020, Takaya, the famous lone wolf of Discovery Island, was killed by a hunter.

Takaya's story touched many people around the world as he was a very special wolf, living alone on an island near Vancouver Island for about 7 years.

I have been so touched and inspired by his story that I created a serie of paintings of him, to tell a little more every time about his story and to keep him alive somehow.

Every March 24th we howl in memory of Takaya. If you wish to support this cause and be part of the tribute, please visit Cheryl's website following this link

May the spirit of the wild wolf lives inside of us for ever, to remind us that we all belong to the same Earth, we share this place for a given time. We must respect every creatures and ourselves. I wish for the Earth and its habitants to find peace, harmony and love; That we stop killing Mother Nature.

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