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Bee Love
  • Bee Love

    BumbleBee Inspiration💖

    Often the interpretation of the bees and bumblebees is to inspire us hard work ....
    Yea but also at our own pace and enjoy the sweetness of life...
    Persist even when the goal is not within sight. 

    I do often feel like that concerning my goals as a Painter - I have so many hopes and dreams to attain that goal of success but I realize I most of all enjoy every day this journey...

    Soon the bumblebee will rest and wait until the sun is warm enough and for thr first flowers to bloom before coming out again. I feel my journey is similar. 

    💖🌸Enjoy today and everyday's little gifts of life.


    Medium: Mixed media oils

    Size:24x30cm (9,4x11,8 inches)

    Surface: canvas made in France



      To Purchase an Original Painting

      If this painting resonates with you and you absolutely want it in your home, I'll do my best to make this possible for you. I'm truly honored that you find my art beautiful and that you want to support an emerging artist.
      Here are the steps to follow to make your dream come true!

      First you must contact me directly. You can use the contact form or send me a message on my instagram.
      I want to get to know you, I love my art and I find it very special as well to know where it will go. I truly honor the connections I have with my collectors,
      so this is as special for me as it is for you.

      For payment. I accept all credit cards, Wise or Stripe. I also propose payment plans.
      So don't hesitate! I'm excited to know you and learn how this painting spoke to your soul.

      Shipping Informations
      Free worldwide shipping

      I'm so excited to ship artwork to you! I myself am an Art collector and I know how precious it is to purchase an Original Painting. Be reassured that I will pack and ship your order with extra care. For Canvas Paintings, I work with UPS and you will receive your painting with signature at delivery and I will contact you during the whole process.

      Please allow 2-3 business days for handling.
      Shipping typically takes between 3-7 business days.

      Collectors are responsible for any VAT, import fees or other duties that your local government may charge you upon delivery.

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