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she believed 
she could,
so she did.



Naïma is an artist from south of France, she embraces her wild and her freedom fully. Her Art is a reflection of the woman, in her most genuine self.

She loves the moon, the sun, wildflowers, wolves, beauty, romance and poetry...

She is a wild at heart. 

She wants to inspire women to follow their dreams, do what they love and embrace everything they are.




I'm always honored and moved when I meet someone that find my art resonate with them.


It is the beauty of connection that drives me into more creations.

I cherish every rencontres, every smiles and reactions I get.

So if you see yourself owning a piece from my collection, I will make it possible for you.

Contact me on the contact form or find me on instagram @naimanamaste, I'll be more than happy to get to know you.

thank you for being here and considering bringing my art to your home.

What my collectors say

"Starting all over at age 38 really helped me to grow, believe in myself and reconnect to who I truly was.." 

it was a process of remembering."

Naima Fine Artist from Bordeaux
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