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Coeur sauvage, soft spirit

Welcome to my collection of original paintings on archival paper.

This collection of sketches as I call them are original paintings on archival paper.


I have been through an amazing awakening the past 3 years.
A wild journey reconnecting with who I am, who I always was.

I have stepped into my power and finally released my dreams by creating art that has helped me opening portals that I thought were closed forever. 

But my story started a long time ago...

When I was in kindergarten, I was a very shy child, I have already been bullied and felt so invisible. It was difficult to understand back then why I was rejected at school. I later discovered that because of my look, my skin color, my origins, I was not belonging. 

I remember like yesterday my first awakening moment, I as given a blank canvas and paint and I was free to paint and create whatever I wanted. It was the best feeling I have ever felt and will always remember that sentiment of belonging finally. I felt a connection with art even at such young age. I experienced so much joy inside of me. 

While I was growing and discovering the world, I found passion in lettering, sketching, reading books of poetry and conte about magical and wild places. I started to sketch flowers, trees, mushrooms, bunnies, squirrels, butterflies (a lot)...

I reconnected with my inner child only late in my life. I started 10 years ago to believe in myself again and that my art was worth it. It is a long journey of acceptance and love to believe in your worth. 

In 2017, I decided I must now or never go back to that dream of being a professional artist. I started to sketch again and paint with acrylics. 2020 was a real turning point. I had a very hard year professionally as most people. But my inner self really wanted to succeed and become that person I always wanted to be.

All of these sketches are filled with my deepest dreams, my love for life and Mother Earth, my passion for the Wild, because it is my greatest savior. Art healed me as a child in so many ways. Today it is my greatest joy. And I am beyond happy to share with you this collection of unique Art, created with mixed medias and oil paint.

Hopefully you will enjoy and it will resonate with you, bring you joy and inspiration to be become who you want to be in life. It is never too late!

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